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CEBU MD is Narciso Tapia, MD, MHPEd, RMT.

He is a certified medical educator, one of a few in Cebu City with a Masters Degree in Health Professions Education from the University of the Philippines Manila and 7 years experience in the field of medical education handling courses in Medicine, Medical Technology and Nursing.

Cebu MD is a member of the Philippine Academic Society of Microbiology and Parasitology. He is also a member among others in the academe of the Philippine Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Not to mention his degrees in Medical Technology and Medicine, Cebu MD has finished his coursework in the Master of Science in Public Health Medical Microbiology at the University of the Philippines College of Public Health and he is one of the few teaching microbiology in medical schools in Cebu with formal postgraduate training in Microbiology and Public Health.

Cebu MD is also a budding physician-researcher who is currently doing research on tuberculosis culture media in relation to his Public Health studies in the University of the Philippines-Manila, College of Public Health. His latest work published in the Acta Medica Philippina late last year was on Comparison of Abbreviation Usage Practices in Two Philippine Tertiary Hospitals and their Perceived Effects on Medical Education in collaboration with the former dean of the UP-National Teachers' training Center for the Health Professions. 

He is currently the research coordinator of medical technology interns in a college on Cebu and 2nd year medical students in a medical school also in Cebu.

Outside the health professions, Cebu MD is a certified blogger, the only physician member of the premier blogging association in Cebu, the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. He covers events both medical and non-medical events in Cebu which he writes about in his blogs. He writes honest reviews about anything including places visited, movies seen, products tried and food tasted. He has several blogs which is gaining a regular following especially among doctors. He can speak Cebuano, English and Tagalog fluently, a result of his Tagalog and Visayan roots as well as his years in Luzon.

CEBU MD can help...

A. In promoting social media awareness among those in the medical professions and hospitals
He has spoke to several youth groups and students regarding responsible social media use and is the current social media manager of his medical school. He is also helping a hospital in its social media accounts.

B. In clinical teaching, classroom instruction and test construction
Educating or teaching is important in the medical profession.

Doctors become mentors of their residents and medical interns. They do clinical teaching through tutorials, case presentation, laboratory, bedside teaching, ward rounds, etc. Medical students take written exams made by doctors. Doctors impart health education to patients. Doctors and other health professionals teach subjects in medicine, medical technology and nursing like health education without necessarily undergoing formal training in teaching. Who would better teach these courses but teachers with both medical, public health and education background?

Cebu MD can help conduct training sessions or seminars to residents and faculty on clinical teaching strategies and principles as well as classroom instruction and test construction. He can also be counted on to help in making effective Powerpoint presentations and the use of computer applications in medical education.

C. In promoting and teaching Public health, microbiology, parasitology and immunology
Cebu MD is willing to share his knowledge and experience on Public Health, Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunology to medical schools as well as medical technology, nursing and other allied health science colleges and universities including graduate schools as part-time lecturer or consultant.

D. In the conduct of health research and statistics
Cebu MD is willing to learn together and collaborate with medical and allied health sciences students as well as residents in their health or education research and basic statistical analysis.

E. In covering events and doing reviews
Cebu MD accepts request for reviews, coverage of events especially in Cebu and advertising opportunities in his blogs to help individuals or companies increase their exposure online especially to their target audience as part of their internet marketing efforts.

F. In advocating for polycystic kidney disease (PKD) awareness in the Philippines
Cebu MD can help spread information regarding PKD to promote local awareness and he is also interested on networking with PKD patients and their relatives to form a PKD support group.

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