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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thanks to Smiling Kidneys Club Supporters

As promised, the Smiling Kidneys Club, a hemodialysis patients support group would like to thank their generous supporters in this page who have helped the group in one way or the other.

Dr. Monteclar, Dr. Mata, Stephen thru Mr. Talaba, the Talaba Family, Rose Ann, Mrs. Rodrigo, Drs. Francisco and Carmela Remotigue, Engr. James Topaz, Dr. F. Berdin, Dr. Pia Quinones.

Thank you and may God bless you a hundredfold.

As of now, we are planning activities primarily to educate patients and their families regarding how to deal with their condition positively.

On February 23 11 AM (Sunday), hemodialysis patients of Asia Renal Care 1 Cebu will be listening to a short lecture on Calcium/Phosphorus to be delivered by nephrologist Dr. John Li. This activity is organized by the Smiling Kidneys Club with the help of the Asia Renal Care 1 family.

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