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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Google Teachers' Workshop in Cebu last November 2013

Finally, the Google Workshop for teachers pushed through in Cebu last November 29 and 30 at the USJR Basak Campus. the said workshop, if not for the recent strong earthquake and typhoon was supposed to have it's first run in Cebu. I have waited a long time for it because it could hopefully signal the start of a new Google community in Cebu -- the Google Educators' Group.

I am a witness as to how vibrant the Google communities in Cebu are, namely, the Google Business Group Cebu and the Google Developers' Group ably led by my blogger colleagues like +Fleire Castro+Ruben Licera, Jr.+Johnn Mendoza+Bjornson Bernales and +Herbert Kikoy, among many other active volunteers. Google apps and other tools are very much underutilized by some teachers and even my medical students, some of which have no clue about what Google apps can do for helping them teach or study beyond email and search. Sadly, some school administrators are even concerned that Google might take away the students' attention from their lessons.

I attended the November 30 session and it was nice to see teachers who do not belong to the Millenial generation who are interested in learning more about Google's use for education. You can feel the enthusiasm of the teachers who were around this time as learners.

Some of Google Workshop participants
The Pixsell team of facilitators with Google SEA Outreach Manager Aileen Apolo
The choice of lecturers/facilitators from Pixsell were perfect as they were very animated, lively, engaging and very knowledgeable. There was never a dull moment. Google provided snacks and a sumptous lunch. The participants were also hands-on with what was taught. There were times we simulated an online collaboration effort via Google Docs as well as a Google Hangout. It was time well spent even if I am already a Google power user to start with. Our group (the Mandaue group) won the collaboration challenge creating Google Presentation slides promoting the Visayas with the theme "It's More Fun in the Visayas".

Thanks to +Aileen Apolo and Google for bringing the workshop here in Cebu. I'm sure the +GEG Philippines will likewise be an active and enthusiastic community. Cebu Champion teachers, let's volt in!

So, when will GEG Cebu start? Can't wait.

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