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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I just talked to a classmate from Baybay, Leyte. Like other accounts of Yolanda survivors from various parts in Leyte, she confirmed there are relief goods alright BUT due to the absence of LGUs or baranggay officials to lead in the equitable distribution of relief goods, the relief goods are received by just a few (usually the strong able bodied ones) as they grab as many as they can without regard for others. It's a battle for survival...survival of the fittest. Even if initially Baybay and other Leyte towns not as severely affected had some food supplies and other commodities left, they are consumed not just by their own townmates but from outside their own towns as well migrating to buy supplies from them resulting in shortage. Southern towns may try to help other towns from the north but before they can reach their intended destination, the goods are being stopped midway by others. It's a dangerous recipe for even more disaster unless LGUs make some sacrifice and regroup to restore some semblance of organization and security forces are augmented. In short, the many relief goods don't reach far especially outside Tacloban. 

To those organizing relief operations, it's not enough that you have many relief goods to bring. Perhaps in the planning of where you intend to distribute your goods, let this list by Rappler guide you as indicates also the places where relief goods will be or have been distributed.

 and also found here

(I just made a summarized list per town affected reflecting where relief is lacking. It is at

However even if you planned well, the actual distribution is another story. it will be advisable to coordinate with quite a big police, Army or security force to ensure nobody get's bullied and nobody strong arms another in receiving the goods and that each person lining up receive their share of relief goods equitably especially if the LGU is inexistent. 

Surviving Baranggay captains and LGU officials including local police forces. We understand you also have families affected. But unless, you make some sacrifice in getting your act together again and organize to ensure the equitable distribution of relief goods, your family will all the more be endangered when chaos sets in without food and water entering people's stomachs. 

Many are willing to help. There are relief goods. there is an abundance of foreign aid. The private sector has done its part. But the PROBLEM IS ENSURING EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION. To the Philippine government (national and local), Mr. president, you have done your job in securing aid and securing many relief goods. Turn now your attention to ensuring these relief reaches those in need equitably by ensuring security and order. The private sector cannot do that. It's you, the government which have the capability to do that. Please DO IT FAST, or all those efforts securing relief goods go to waste and worst, more lives may be lost.

Please SHARE to reach as many people as possible especially those who can do something about this.

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