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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mendero Medical Center: Finally, a tertiary hospital to serve Cebu's northern towns

I heard from friends living in Liloan and the north that a big and modern general hospital is being constructed in Pitogo, Consolacion, Cebu. It is said to be intended as a tertiary hospital complete with all the equipment and facilities expected from such a hospital. That is really good news for those living in Consolacion and the community in other northern towns of Cebu because to my knowledge, there is no such general hospital in the north serving them yet. For cases, like surgeries for example, presently, they would have to travel to Cebu City to have a major operation.

I was very lucky to be allowed to have a glimpse of what the soon-to-be Consolacion, Cebu hospital - the Mendero Medical Center looks like. The location is not that hard to find. If you're coming from Cebu City, it is just walking distance from SM City Consolacion across SeaOil gasoline station.
Mendero hospital location in map
The Mendero Medical Center's location with respect to SM Consolacion and SeaOil

This is the street view leading to the medical center while construction is going on.
Street leading to Mendero hospital building in Pitogo, Consolacion
The building with blue and white colors - Mender Medical Center
Then below are the different views of the hospital.

A general hospital in the north
About 5 stories so far

The hospital appears to be five stories high. The front lobby is spacious.
Mendero Medical Center main lobby
The main entrance/lobby

Looking at the direction of the Emergency Room
 Below is a photo of the soon-to-be Emergency Room.
Mendero hospital Cebu Emergency Room
The soon-to-be Emergency Room
 From the looks of it, the hospital also has a laboratory with different sections.
The modern hospital's laboratory in Consolacion
The laboratory
Imaging area
Diagnostic imaging appears to be taken cared of. There will be X-ray, CT-scan and perhaps even MRI. Some of the equipments were already in their respective areas.

I was surprised to see not just one but four Operating Rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and tools. I learned from the workers in the hospital, that there will be an ICU and doctors' clinics.
One of four Operating Rooms

The operating room in Mendero hospital
An Operating room up close
Mendero hospital ICU
I think this will be the ICU or Intensive Care Unit.

The hallway

Stairways with fresh air
My wife's relatives in Liloan  along with Cebuanos in the north will surely be happy with this development. With these facilities, I am sure many competent physicians will be available in Mendero Medical Center to serve patients better. This is really good news with regards to accessibility of quality healthcare among Cebuanos far from the city and should help decongest Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

Share this good news by sharing this post. "Plus one" it if you welcome this addition to our hospitals in Cebu.

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