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Saturday, June 8, 2013

What adjustments Miami Heat need to possibly win Game 2 of the Finals against the Spurs

I know, my blog is not mainly a basketball blog but hey health is fitness and many workers in the health field follow the NBA finals so I will continue with my NBA finals series of posts. Today we are going to discuss what the Heat must do to possibly win Game 2.

  1. More aggressiveness from their Big Three. 
    • Wade for example, had fewer shot attempts in the fourth quarter. His drives to the basket including a dunk during the first half of Game 1 which worked well for Miami were becoming becoming fewer as the game ended. He needs to remain aggressive in the fourth quarter and not just have two shot attempts. A Wade rushing to the basket is difficult to stop without a foul so he might as well try it.
    • Bosh was aggressive alright...aggressive in firing the three even if his rebounding, defense and inside presence is more sorely needed and he has teammates who are better known to make threes making a living out of it named Ray Allen or Mike Miller. Lebron had more rebounds than Bosh and the latter should be ashamed of that.
    • James must play more like Michael Jordan, not Magic Johnson. He must know when to pass and when to take it himself. He is athletically-gifted, even stronger physically than Jordan, but still lacks the killer instinct and competitive fierceness of Michael, or even Kobe. You can just feel something is lacking even if James finished with a triple double in Game 1. We want to see the James who went hard for the hoop against Paul George in the Indiana series to win one game against the Pacers on the last second. I do not know if James realizes this but he can practically do what he wants in the game if he just wills it. He is big, strong and has excellent hops. 
  2. The team must hit their shots. James expressed that he is not changing his game. That he trusted his teammates and he will still make passes to them. So his teammates better make the shot so that LBJ will not look bad. Imagine if his Heat teammates made the shots that they missed in Game 1, who knows? They might have won Game 1.
  3. The Heat must force more turnovers, it's because it leads to points in transition. The Spurs just had four turnovers in Game 1. The Heat are supposed to be good in forcing turnovers. Well, it's the Spurs they're playing against so it will really be difficult.
  4. Make life difficult for Parker, the focal point of the Spurs offense. If it means having Lebron on Parker for longer periods, so be it.
So there you have it. Those are the basic things Miami should take note. But I think the Spurs will still win Game 2. Heck there's even a possibility however small that the Spurs will sweep this thing and it will be Spurs-Cavs 2007 Finals again. 

Wade may want to be aggressive but his knees are weaker than they used to be. Bosh may receive a word from Spo about his knack for staying downtown but Bosh is actually soft. James might try to get aggressive with his shot-making but his natural game is more Magic than Michael. That's just his nature. The Heat may be good in forcing turnovers but the Spurs execute well and take care of the ball better than others. Lebron may succeed in stopping Parker to score but it will just leave other Spurs to do the scoring with their nice execution.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why the Spurs will win the 2013 NBA Finals

Many sports analysts like those in Yahoo Sports picked Miami to win this championship series in 6 or 7 games. And I am also sure that many of my friends pick Miami especially because they have Lebron James on their side. Well, I beg to disagree with them. I think the San Antonio Spurs will win this year and here's why:

  1. The Spurs perform best during the Finals. When the Spurs reach the finals, they end up champions as their finals trip record suggests. The team somehow rises up to the challenge even more when in the Finals.
  2. The Spurs is not just about Duncan, Ginobili and Parker. The difference between last year and this year is that the Spurs' youngsters have successfully integrated in the system. Guys like Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and Tiago Splitter have also made important contributions in defense, scoring or making threes. 
  3. Spurs players are healthy this time unlike in previous playoffs where a key player is playing injured. Duncan is turning the hands of time and is playing like the vintage Duncan we know.
  4. Spurs are not just a defensive team anymore. They have evolved to become a faster, more offensive-minded team with each player capable of hitting shots. They work the ball around quite well and they have good passing skills. Despite this, they have managed to remain a good defensive team especially which they have accomplished with the help of their younger teammates making this edition of the team more athletic perfect for a team like Miami. Remember how the Spurs adjusted their defense to both the Warriors and Memphis?
  5. The Spurs are motivated. This year is the best chance for the Spurs trio of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili to have a title together. Parker has promised Duncan to deliver him another Finals and I am sure his other teammates have the same intention.
  6. If Miami has James, the Spurs have Parker which has proven to be difficult to stop. Ask defensive specialist Tony Allen. Maybe Miami will decide to have James on Parker but I'm sure the Spurs know how to counteract this.
  7. Duncan will be a headache just like Hibbert was both offensively and defensively. And remember, Duncan has more experience than Hibbert and he has an equally big backup in Splitter. Miami will have to do well in rebounding.
  8. Wade is not the same Wade of the previous years. Injuries have slowed him down. The explosiveness is not there. When before, Wade drives the hoop then say dunk you very much, now you see Wade just throwing lay-ups. That is why you hear during the Pacers series that Miami resembles Lebrons' Cavaliers. Those Cavs who reached the Finals against the Spurs got swept.
  9. Popovich is the best active coach in the game. His schemes against Curry and Zach Randolph for example were very brilliant.
  10. The Spurs have learned their lesson from last year and will try to avoid a repeat of last years' disappointing results in the playoffs.
So I am sure many of you will react to this. You may write your comments below. I respect your opinion. But this is just my humble analysis as an NBA fan. I cannot predict how many games it will go except that the Spurs will win. Go Spurs!


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