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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sponsor a child thru World Vision Philippines

No child should ever suffer due to poverty and sickness. They should be able to enjoy their childhood. They should be able to smile and play and not worry about what they will eat for tonight.

World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose call is to serve others and whose vision for every child is life in all its fullness. Their prayer, the will to make it so.

World Vision is a global organization which serve the poorest children helping transform their lives in nearly 100 countries including the Philippines. In the country, they help more than 120,000 children in 33 provinces and 44 cities nationwide.

You too can help one of these children thru World Vision Philippines.

For P20 a day or P600 a month or P7,200 a year, you can sponsor a child to make sure they are in good health and can go to school. They can also be better equipped for life's challenges through skills training and livelihood assistance. With your support, the child is taught value formation, provided with proper nutrition and safe water. Your sponsorship can change the kids' lives and even yours forever.

To learn more about World Vision and its child sponsorship program, visit their website at

You can also visit their Facebook page. There you will notice that they are also helping in relief efforts due to Typhoon Pablo.

For this coming Christmas, you can also give the poor children a Noche Buena gift thru World Vision.

Let us support World Vision and share what you have to the less fortunate.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

MIND7, Nutrition Advocates among media practitioners in Region 7

You don't need to look far in order to see that malnutrition does exist in our communities. When you go out on the streets, you see street children which appear very thin. On the other hand, entering a fastfood chain, you will see obese persons. Both are forms of malnutrition -- undernourished and overnourished. And a certain group is not content doing nothing. This group does not wait for the government to convince them to act on the problem of nutrition. And they are battling malnutrition by doing what they do best.

MIND7 which stands for Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development for Region 7 is a group which consists of legitimate media practitioners from TV, radio, print and even the social media or blogging community which aims to "serve as a vehicle to strengthen the flow of food and nutrition information" something which is much needed. They help the National Nutrition Council, local government units and other government agencies in this aspect.

Their past activities included promoting breast feeding, information campaigns on handwashing, establishment of home gardens and many more.

I just hope more and more media personalities and even bloggers will have nutrition as one of their advocacies for believe it or not, the country's future is affected by nutrition.

You can follow MIND7 via the NutritionAdvocates PH Facebook page or via their Twitter @NutriAdvocates.

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Loveyourself Cebu, helping in the battle to prevent HIV

Image courtesy of:
Among those with the highest risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS are those men having sex with men (MSM) so that the MSM group is a very important group to target also with regards to education, counseling and awareness.  And peers can be the best teachers in this case.

Loveyourself may just have the people to best connect to MSMs as many members may be considered peers. According to their website, "Love Yourself Inc. (for the Youth & LGBT-MSM) is a non-stock, non-profit SEC organization that aims to reach out to the community to propagate ideas, attitudes, and practices that encourage loving oneself -- to DARE to be oneself, to CARE for oneself, and to SHARE oneself as a way to multiplying joy."

Loveyourself gives assistance to those who want to be tested for HIV and they assure your anonymity and confidentiality. They are partners with the Department of Health (DOH). They have trained HIV educators and counselors that can be approached by anyone who has certain concerns related to HIV. They organize activities that help promote HIV awareness and provide support to high-risk groups like the youth and MSMs which the DOH might have difficulty reaching or connecting.

A Loveyourself Cebu Team has just been established quite recently and during World Aids Day (WAD), they organized a WAD Parade. This is a welcome development as Cebu is one of the HIV concern areas in the country and the group's entry could boost efforts to lower HIV incidence here. Perhaps if you have patients (for doctors) or if you have friends or relatives who want somebody to talk to regarding their condition, a HIV support group of sorts, you may want to refer them to The Loveyourself Cebu Team.

The Loveyourself team also accepts volunteers and contributions.

You can connect with them also thru Twitter by the way.

Worldblogathon supports Loveyourself Cebu. This post was made during the Worldblogathon brought to you by the Cebu Bloggers Society, Smart and Andy Hotel.


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