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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reflections during the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit in Cebu

The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit in Cebu was really a very fruitful event. It inspired a lot of people to be more passionate about their advocacies. It also made me reflect on many things which I will share to you today. It gathered bloggers (including aspiring and rejuvenated ones), technopreneurs and internet marketers among many others.

The first talk on Bloggers as Influencers and Brand Advocates made me reflect on my organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society (CBSi). The talk featured advocates who also happen to be from CBSi. The talk including the questions in that particular segment made me think that Cebu Blogegrs Society is in the right path in being advocates and not lootbaggers. Many in CBSi like Ruben Licera Jr, Fleire Castro and Bjorn Bernales are becoming known for their advocacies without asking money in return.

How Influencers and Brand Advocates are Shaping Search Engine Results reminded me of being conscious on what links I put on my blog and inspired me to really provide better content in my blogs.

The topic "Building Relationships with Influencers and Brand Advocates" made me realize even more the value of interactions and engagement especially with readers and followers as well as fellow bloggers in various platforms. Perhaps I should visit other blogs and forums more often. I should make my Facebook pages more dynamic with content to engage the visitors.

Listening to the speakers telling their story on their Transformation as an Influencer made me recall also my own transformation from one who just has his students as audience to having now a wider reach.  3 years ago when I was not a serious blogger, I was just teaching in the classroom. But little by little I am able to reach more as I see my Twitter followers increase which include colleagues from other countries. Now I am having public speaking opportunities as well as offline writing opportunities. As I learn more from others, I am able to improve myself knowing things beyond what I studied formally for.

Only then that I realize that my transformation brought about by being active in the blogging and social media scene has after all left an impact to some people I thought I did not have influence over. This is evident in my current Kidney Transplant Fund efforts. I have cash donors who come from parents of my students and some whom I am not personally acquainted with.

Khoa Bui's advices were spot on. I am now determined to write books as my next project. I now want to be an inspirational speaker when my kidney transplant hopefully becomes successful. I will write more often. I will follow Ben Francia's lead of not giving up and treating challenges as "happy problems". Being initially "non-techy" like Alan Choachuy of METAfit Cebu should not be a hindrance to reaching other people effectively.

The elections are coming next year and Ms. Janette Toral is right in pointing out the possible role of Social Media in the elections. It made me recall Uncle Ben's (of Spiderman) message to Peter Parker which could be applicable to social media influencers for this coming elections -- "With great power, comes great responsibility."

With so much things triggered by the said summit and with many people left inspired, I would say it was really successful. Thank you Ms. Janette Toral and the organizers led by Fleire Castro for bringing the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit to Cebu. It was refreshing to see the participants sharing the same passion for their advocacies. I do hope to continue mine as I start my journey for a kidney transplant.

If you want to help me in my journey, just visit my Polycystic Kidney Disease blog. In there is my story and a Paypal donate button on the left sidebar. See you again next year!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Raise your Hands so more Children will Survive Five

Around 21,000 children under age five die worldwide mostly DUE TO PREVENTABLE CAUSES and a resounding majority of the deaths come from developing countries. According to the World Health organization, three-quarters of all child deaths are mainly due to causes such as pneumonia, diarrhea, neonatal conditions, malaria and measles -- all preventable and all may be present in our country.

According also to the WHO, coverage of key child health interventions are low and unequally distributed between and within countries. And this problem must be brought to the attention of everyone including our world leaders and the influential people. This is the wish of World Vision,
a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. For them all children should have a chance to be happy and healthy.

And so they are inviting us to join thousands of people in over 60 countries worldwide in raising our hands for health, especially the health of those under age five so that more children Survive Five.

What we can do? Simple.

Take a photo with your hands raised and show the world by pasting the particular photo on the wall of and perhaps also on your Facebook wall to show support for Survive Five. I invite especially the medical students as well as the students of other health professions, and the pediatricians to show the way. Urge your friends, your barkada to have a group picture with your arms raised. Have fun while helping raise awareness and perhaps the world will take heed and pay attention.

Cebu MD and Cebu Bloggers Society shows you how in the picture below:

Photo credit: Red Yumang of CookMyGarden
Make sure your pictures are up before November 13-20, the first Global Week of Action when World Vision seeks to bring people together across the globe to show support for the children at risk of illness or death from preventable causes.

For more information about the Global Week of Action, just go to the ChildHealthNow website.

Count yourself in and TAKE AND UPLOAD THOSE PICS NOW!


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