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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cebu MD among the finalists in the 1st Cebu Media Excellence Awards

Good news! Cebu MD is one of the blogger finalists in Globe Telecom's 1st Cebu Media Excellence Awards for the special award, Blogger of the Year. The awarding ceremonies will be on September 18, coinciding with the Press Freedom Week celebration at the Salon de Espana, Casino Espanol, V, Ranudo Street. Program starts at 10 AM.

Other awards to be given that day are the best Print, Radio and Television Reporter of the Year, Feature Story of the Year for the various media, Column of the Year, Radio Broadcaster of the Year and Television Broadcaster of the Year. These awards are given to recognize both traditional and online media who are "breaking new grounds in news dissemination and showing exemplary communication skills and creativity."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Velez College Medtech Grad Tops Again

Prior to today's results, a Velez College graduate had the feeling that someone from her school will top the Medical Technology Board Exams. Her basis? The recent earthquake that rocked the country.

She noted in the recent two board Exams (where somebody from Velez College topped the Medtech Boards), there was a preceding earthquake a few days before the exam. In this recent exam, there was an earthquake a day prior.

Turns out her hunch was right.

Another Velezian graduate got the number one spot in the September 2012 Medical Technology Board Exams. Matthew Joseph Tan Po from Velez College got a score of 91.70 which put him on top of 1,865 total examinees. His individual accomplishment was the icing in the cake for Velez College College of Medical Technology led by its dean Ms. Perla Vinarta, as the school got a 100% passing rate as all 84 examinees passed.

As news of the results came out, Facebook walls of the boardpassers were flooded with congratulatory as well as thank you messages.

"Top 1 + 100% again! Congrats Velez MedTechs! Lord kami nasad next year ha!"
"Maka hilak lagi ang akong newsfeed. Mygosh guys. Amazing. Thank you, Lord! VC-MT 2012, WOW! :)"
"Lord, thank u kaayo..we made it!! 100% mi..:))"
"thanks to all my friends, my relatives, and to daddy ko, to my family and above all to the most powerful LORD JESUS CHRIST."

It was actually a good day for Cebu as Cebu Doctors' University (also with a 100% passing rate with all 29 examinees passing) had 3 graduates in the top 10:

  • No. 4. Thara Jill Sy Anasco
  • No. 5. Kelvin Jay Toledo Buensalida , and
  • No. 7. Efren John Oledan Misagal
It is everyone's wish that next year will likewise be a good year for all examinees. Here's to more topnotchers from Cebu BUT NO MORE EARTHQUAKE PLEASE!

To the board passers, congratulations! To their teachers and those working behind the scenes, good job and congratulations too!

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