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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blogger Relations Talk During the Unilab Social Media Summit

More and more brands are recognizing the importance of bloggers. Why not? Bloggers are also consumers which can be a good source of feedback as well as content. Their blog posts are practically word-of-mouth. Many people research on the brands by reading blogs. And the message is multiplied from their blog posts to their social media accounts and bookmarks.

One of the social media adapting brands who recognize the importance of bloggers is Unilab, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. One afternoon, I got the chance to be among the panelists for a talk on Blogger Relations together with OC MominManila and Liz of Project Vanity during the Unilab Social Media Summit held at the Unilab Bayanihan Center last July 26.

We shared our experiences about meeting with people from different brands and we appear to share the same views  regarding blogger relations especially frowning upon brands that initially approach bloggers with frank brand or product speak.

Brands should realize that bloggers are not robots that are programmed to produce content. They are people too who appreciate friendships and a conversation over a cup of coffee. They have advocacies that they support. They have interests and activities that they are passionate about. Knowing these can help brands maintain good blogger relations.

There are several brands that have good blogger relations but there are also brands that do not have a relationship with bloggers at all. These are probably brands that have not hopped into social media yet which is a surprise considering that the Philippines is among the top countries using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of starting or maintaining blogger relations...Want to make friends with bloggers in Cebu? Then why not pay Cebu Bloggers Society a visit. Perhaps we could share each others stories over dinner.

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