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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Social Media Day Cebu with Cebu Bloggers Society

Last June 30. Cebu MD celebrated Social Media day with his fellow bloggers and some journalists. Social has been very kind to this blogger. It has been helpful in spreading information and educating his readers on many things.

The Social Media Day Cebu event was held in Mactan Isla Resort, a nice venue for gatherings between close friends and family.

Highlights of the event were talks on Elancing, ethics, social media influence and having quality content on blogs. It was nice to see journalists helping to educate bloggers on ethics in journalism and writing good quality content.

There were several take home messages. One that stood out is that bloggers should not allow themselves to be dictated mainly by algorithms when they write. 

Reflecting on social media, I look forward for bloggers to lead the way in advocating for responsible social media use.

Congratulations to Cebu Bloggers Society President Ruben Licera for a job well done in organizing the event and Vice President Bjorn Bernales. Thanks also to the sponsors and partners as indicated in the poster above.

Let us all put social media in to good use especially here in Cebu.

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