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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cebu Centre for Dance, Not Just an ordinary Dance school

Doctors are human beings too who want to pursue their passion for other things outside their medical profession. I know of doctors who send their little kids to music schools for piano and violin lessions. In the same manner, many also send their children to dance schools to learn ballet and other dances like hiphop.

I even know of one doctor who continues to pursue her passion for dance as a part-time teacher of ballet in Cebu -- Dr. Mary Poblete-Chan, an obstetric-gynecologist. And where does she teach ballet? At Cebu Centre for Dance.

My interest for the culture and arts has brought me to visit the Cebu Centre for Dance (CCD), the newest dance school providing world-class dance training established by a group of individuals who are passionate about ballet and dance and who are very willing to share their experience and expertise.

The dance studio

CCD opened last April 12, 2012. The dance floor area according to the operations manager I interviewed is about 110 square dance meters divided into Studio A and B, with A being the larger studio. The 2 studios can be combined also to form a larger dance floor. CCD also has proper sprung floors made of Taraflex which makes injuries a lesser probability for ballet dancers and other dance students who often jump and bounce among other maneuvers.

There are mirrors all throughout and fixed smooth wooden hand rails which is preferred more by some ballet dancers and most especially ballroom dancers.

Speakers are built around the room to immerse the dancers fully into the music as they dance.

CCD also has its own toilet and 3 dressing rooms as well as lockers. Since many ballet accessories are not readily available, CCD sells tights, leotards, pointe shoes, toe pads among others for convenience.

Not just ballet

The school offers regular lessons (mainly the Vaganova method) in ballet divided into pre-ballet 1 and 2 for little kids, Ballet 1A and B, Ballet 2 and Advanced ballet. Scholarships are offered also to deserving students.

But the teachers there do not just teach ballet. In relation to ballet, French terminologies related to ballet are introduced to their wards to facilitate ballet instruction.

They also teach Contemporary (an expressive form of dance combining modern dance and ballet), Social Dance (Latin and Ballroom), Hip Hop, Jazz, Yoga and Pilates. All of these are taught by certified and experienced dance instructors in the person of couples Chris and Shiela Lendio-Manlunas, veteran Baby Cabaero (which is also a certified Pilates mat teacher), Johanna Mangubat and ably supported by Dr. Mary Poblete-Chan and Thea Pala. Zumba sessions are also offered with Emma Satchell, certified Zumba instructor, on board.

"We believe exposure to different artists is important to kids," says Johanna Mangubat who manages the operations of the CCD. She adds (referring to the trainings that they give), "We are very particular to the kind of quality we give to the students."

The Pilates by the way is incorporated in the ballet program as a strength and conditioning measure, an important aspect of dancing.

Not just a dance school

CCD is not just a dance school. It is also a fitness studio as groups can rent the place for aikido, taichi and wingchun classes. The place is also open for those who want to rent it for dance practices. Some doctors practicing for convention or party production numbers have already utilized the studio for their practices.

I happened to arrive at CCD at the time some adult students are coming out from a session. Seeing them come out smiling after a session is a good indication that perhaps CCD is indeed a nice school to learn dancing aside from their impressive lineup of dance faculty.

So why not send your kids to learn dancing from this school. Or if not, register yourself in one of the classes. Doctors out there in Cebu, join the other doctors who are already taking classes or having dancing sessions in CCD. Or you could practice as a group here. Remember, dancing also promotes fitness.

Cebu Centre for Dance is located at Door 4, Tango Plaza Bldg., Queen's Road, Cebu City, within the vicinity of the building at the back of C and E Publishing near Redemptorist Parish. They can be contacted at telephone numbers (032) 514-4283. Visit their Facebook page and website for more information or if you want to contact them through online means.


  1. This is a great place! thx for sharing, nice post by the way!

  2. hi. great post. i want to know more about the scholarship. do you have further info, like what qualifications and how do you go about getting one? i'm kind of interested but i'm currently on a tight budget so a scholarship would really be a great help.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Click the link to their Facebook page in my blog post. The CCD facebook page administrators know more about the details of the scholarship they offer. I know that they are willing to give scholarships because they want to promote ballet. They want more males to take up ballet also.

  3. hello.. i just wanna ask if you do some dance workshops on summer.. also how much would it cost??

  4. You may contact CCD in

    I think they have summer workshops. Better to contact them in the link I provided thru a direct message.



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