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Monday, June 11, 2012

Swish Breath Spray: Product Review

Swish comes in two 10-ml preparations: The (blue) Arctic Chill and the (green) Peppermint Fresh.

After a week of trying both variants, here is what I have to say.

What I know about the Swish product is its Mouthwash line. When I learned about the Breath spray line, I thought this was a good move by the manufacturer. It will be nice to have the benefits of the Mouthwash in this more handy breath spray line which can be carried anywhere.

The 10 ml breath spray is just the right size. It can be placed conveniently whether in the pocket or in one's work bag for ease of access when the need for a quick breath fix arises.

Spraying 1 to 2 pumps into the mouth, one can feel freshness in about 10 seconds without the sting of alcohol preparations of other mouthwashes or breath sprays. True enough, reading the product label, it says, "alcohol-free and sugar-free." Sugar-free is important since it is known that bacteria thrive in environments rich in sugars.

I actually like both variants and I won't mind using either of the two.

The spray delivers a fine stream of breath freshness that I can imagine that one can use it good for about 100 sprays.

Swish Breath spray is said to act by killing bacteria in the mouth to eliminate bad breath caused by eating, drinking and smoking. Using the product for about a week already, I believe that the spray indeed does this as I observed that my breath remains fresh for several hours.

I think one important use of the product is in the hospital setting by patients with the tendency to have bad breath especially when the mouth is kept close for a long period of time. I recommend Swish breath spray for these patients to keep their breath fresh.

Swish Breath spray is worth trying and using for its convenience and reliability.

Swish breath spray is a part of a line of products of Unilab or United Laboratories, Inc.

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