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Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Time for Coach Jim Saret's FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp

It is really worthwhile to devote time in taking care of one's health and fitness. However, getting in a gym and enrolling in fitness programs can be too expensive on the pocket for some since the figures are just too much for the budget.

Others have second thoughts on enrolling in fitness programs since they feel intimidated by the more experienced clients already showing big muscles as they lift weights.

But these should still not stop one from being fit.

Coach Jim Saret's FitFil Fitness Bootcamp is welcome news I tell you. As I learn more about it, I became convinced it is very different from the usual fitness programs out there. Thus I said to myself that I should grab this chance. Now is the time.

Coach Jim Saret's FitFil (Fit Filipino) Fitness Bootcamp will be in Cebu from May 15 to June 16, 2012 (Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm. On Saturdays from 6 am to 8 am) at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City.

Why I decided to join and why you should join? Why not?

  • The exercise environment is unique, yet it's perfect if you want to breathe fresh air as you sweat out. You are surrounded by the trees instead of walls. A very natural environment. Afterall we are people not machines.
  • There is no reason for beginners like me to be shy as beginners will be grouped together. Goodbye to intimidation.
  • The workouts will vary and therefore will not be boring. Routine is boring and when it becomes boring then participants tend to dropout resulting to program failure. 
  • Top fitness experts will be around along with people who have success weight loss stories (Think BIGGEST LOSER). These equals better motivation.
  • Easy on the budget. Where can you get this type of one-month program for a price of around P1,000 and below?
  • Is this just a fitness bootcamp? No. Nestle Wellness is on board on this complete with nutritionists and dieticians giving advice making this a Health and Wellness Bootcamp also. "Asa pa ka ana?" (Saan ka pa?)
  • Of course, health should be of primary importance and therefore all of the above things I mentioned is just a bonus.
Then register here now. There are only limited slots (100) so if I were you, I will register right away.

You may also visit FitFil Cebu's Facebook page and be part of the community there.

See you and together let us become Fit Filipinos (Fit Fil)!

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