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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The GTUG/GDG Pre Startup Weekend Cebu Bootcamp

In my continued quest to hopefully join or even establish my own startup company out of my startup ideas as well as to help me with a possible business startup plan, I also joined Google Users Group in Cebu  in their Pre Startup Weekend Bootcamp help in the University of the Philippines Cebu last May 5, 2012.

As expected, majority of the audience is made up of developers and web designers but that did not stop me from attending. I learned about wireframing and prototyping, which are also steps in coming up with a startup product. It definitely triggered me to read more in the web.

I am definitely excited for Friday, May 11, the start of the actual Startup Weekend.

Below are scenes from the Pre Startup Weekend Cebu Bootcamp which I personally attended:

See you at Startup Weekend!

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