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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Crazy Pre-Startup Weekend Cebu Workshop Experience

Last Saturday, I joined about 40 participants in a Pre-Startup Weekend Cebu Workshop, a great precursor to the Startup Weekend Cebu this May 11-13. It was held at the Cebu Institute of Technology University, Cebu City.

There I met programmers, game developers, app developers, businessmen and internet marketing specialists among others who will participate in Startup Weekend Cebu as volunteer/organizer or delegate/participant. Most of them are in their 20s.

I was the only physician among the group.

The experience was a unique one for me. Each one of us simulated the Startup Weekend pitching of ideas. Each one of us did spontaneous mock pitches using a collection of nouns and adjectives joined together to form a mock website.

It was crazy. Some of the mock websites' names are,,,, to name a few.

After individual pitches, groups were formed and my group choose as our website to pitch in. I was chosen as the presenter/speaker for my group composed of individuals who are younger than me.

I did not expect myself to do a mock pitch for which we presented as a website which sells cute toy dogs like chihuahua, poodle, Shih Tzu, etc. which was injected with radioactive spider serum and adamantium enabling them to sense danger with their spider sense and making them impervious to bullets. It can be pre-programmed to bite a target and needs little food and water as it remains strong for a long time.

The workshop was a nice exercise. We all had a good laugh. We now have an idea how to make a pitch for our ideas in just a minute come Startup Weekend Cebu. We hope to get new partners for these ideas and new friends.

Hopefully, this will be a start of big things to come. Who knows, I may be able to make a new medical app or a social media tool for students or doctors. I can't wait. You should join to as there are many reasons to do so.

Parties interested in Startup Weekend Cebu can register via until May 11 or while slots are available. To know more about Startup Weekend Cebu, visit

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