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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Crazy Pre-Startup Weekend Cebu Workshop Experience

Last Saturday, I joined about 40 participants in a Pre-Startup Weekend Cebu Workshop, a great precursor to the Startup Weekend Cebu this May 11-13. It was held at the Cebu Institute of Technology University, Cebu City.

There I met programmers, game developers, app developers, businessmen and internet marketing specialists among others who will participate in Startup Weekend Cebu as volunteer/organizer or delegate/participant. Most of them are in their 20s.

I was the only physician among the group.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Startup Weekend Cebu: Why you should attend

I am not an information technology graduate nor a businessman. I just began reading about startups but somehow the launch of Startup Weekend Cebu last week in Ching Palace, Lahug got me excited to attend the event.

CebuMD (That's me!) is attending Startup Weekend and is inspired to share his idea and hopefully come up with a team or join a team with an idea he finds interesting to support. Who knows, I may come up with a new medical software or a new medical app with the help of the people I meet there?

So why am I excited and why should you attend the Startup Weekend Cebu? It is because:

  1. You will get to meet people who might possibly help you with your idea. I am not a programmer or a graphic designer or a software engineer but it does not mean I do not have an idea. You too may have that idea that could come up with the next Facebook, the next Pinterest or the like. The idea can even be related to social entrepreneurship. Startup Weekend Cebu will have programmers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to help you with your idea. Who knows your idea can become a million dollar business?
  2. The same people mentioned in number one may help you in your future ideas or projects. These people can become your partners for a business or a company. They can become your friends whom you can approach. And vice versa, you can help these people someday.
  3. You will learn many things.Startup Weekend is like a speed dating session wherein you make a pitch with your idea for a minute and people who like your idea might decide to join you in your team. If your idea is not voted among the popular ones, you may decide to join another team with an idea that appeals to you. And in Startup Weekend, you get first hand experience on how to sell your idea to other people and to investors. If your idea reaches the finals, this will be presented to a group of judges and investors who may decide to support you with funding. During Startup Weekend, you learn to work as a team with others.
  4. It will be fun applying what you learned from life experiences to the development of the idea into something that can become a real product.
And all of these will take place from May 11-13, Friday at the University of the Philippines-Cebu in a span of 54 hours. Registration is P1,000 which covers the use of the venue and the meals.

For more information on the event, the organizers, mentors, judges, partners and for registration, visit Startup Weekend Cebu.


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