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Saturday, January 21, 2012

When some photographers are not getting the real picture during Sinulog

The Sinulog Grand Parade is a marvelous sight to behold. Full of color, fun and even beauty. Even after the Sinulog, the beautiful imagery remains because of the photographers who took pictures of the dancing contingents, their colorful costumes and the beauty and grace of their festival queens captured in the photos. Sinulog photo exhibits are must sees.

This Sinulog was well-participated and well-watched. People gathered in the streets which became a giant stage for the participating contingents, floats and higantes. Photographers, professional and amateur were plenty since they gained access inside the rope barrier by paying a registration fee.

I also gained access to the parade route like the photographers due to my Media ID card being part of online media. I was also in the center of it all. I was positioned in Fuente, live-tweeting the Sinulog events as they unfold and there was one thing that is very noticeable in this particular year's parade especially in Fuente....

Even as I stand in the streets with a good vantage point or good view of the contingents, I had difficulty seeing the dance performances. Much more, I cannot see the festival queen, the star of the contingent from different angles. Why? Because she was surrounded by some photographers who were already positioned in arm's length of her. Same with the other performers. Like bees colored red swarming to get honey, some undisciplined photographers were storming to where the dancers are and surrounded them like a human shield blocking my view, more so of people behind the rope barrier and the people assigned to keep the audience off the dancing contingents.

I asked myself, what were the expensive zoom lenses of the photographers for? How about the ordinary person who wants to view the parade? How about the tourists who were watching with the masses? How about if these people would want to take a picture too? Isn't the Sinulog for everyone to see as it happens  live in the streets?

I have great respect and admiration for photographers that I also wish to be one someday. I have also friends who are photobloggers or bloggers who are also into photography. I have also colleagues in the medical profession who love photography. I saw them myself. They were respecting the desire of the crowd to see the parade. They were not among these "red bees".

But other photographers were like hungry wild animals let loose. While live tweeting, I hear people in the background complaining about their view being blocked by these undisciplined photographers. I am sure public forums are also abuzz complaining about this. I am also writing about this to confirm what these people are complaining about because I also saw this behavior myself.

I asked a crowd control person and asked his opinion about the photographers that were blocking the nice street performances and he said it would have been best if an orientation was made among the registered photographers regarding where photographers should position themselves or what lens to use. He suggested that people should write the Sinulog Foundation and make the matter known to the organizers for a better Sinulog next year so as not to repeat the same mistake.

The Sinulog is supposed to be for everyone and it is not there just to provide good subjects for photographers. Selfishness should not reign among photographers.

Any suggestions to address this problem and improve next year's Sinulog?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) hosts APMC convention

The Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) plays host to the 45th National Convention of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC) on February  9-11, 2012 with the theme  “Professionalism in Medical Education”.

The three-day convention will start with a Eucharistic Celebration at the CIM Social Hall at 9:00 a.m. of February 9 followed by the opening ceremonies with Dr. Cawilihan T. Zubiri as keynote speaker.

A panel discussion (composed of a teacher (Dr. Raymond Sulay), an administrator (Dr. Felix Vicuna), a student (Dr. Hester Gail Lim) and a clinician (Dr. Liberty Tablante) dealing on the role of current medical education programs in teaching professionalism and how medical education programs contribute to professionalism, will be the main topic after lunch at the CIM Social Hall. There will be a welcome dinner at 6:00 p.m. to be held at Casino Espanol de Cebu.

Morning session of  Day 2  (February 10) will have for its theme“Professionalism : Teaching Innovations in Medical Education”This includes the following topics among others: “How to Teach: Challenges in Teaching Professionalism" (Dr. Armand Crisostomo)and “How to Teach: Challenges in Teaching Professionalism, Tools and Strategies for Modeling and Reinforcing Professionalism” (Dr. Melflor Atienza).

The afternoon session’s theme will be "Inter-professional Education and Improving Collaborative Practice". Lecture topics include the following:"Leadership" (Dr.Tomas Fernandez); "Professional Medical Speakers: Conflicts of Interest?”(Dr. Camilo Roa); "How Should Professionalism be Assessed in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Education?” (Dr. Erlyn A. Sana); "Assessment of Physician's Competence in Professionalism”.

Also happening on February 10 is a workshop for the medical students entitled “ONE LAST CHALLENGE: Transforming  Students and  Residents in their Commitment to Excellence and On-going Professional Development" and a talk on Medical Blogging "Medical Blogging: Keeping It Ethical" by Cebu MD.

Capping the day’s activities will a Heritage Tour of Cebu City (“Gabi-i sa Kabilin”), followed by dinner at Fort San Pedro.  
Day 3 of the convention (February 11) will start with a plenary session on "A Patient's Perspective of Professionalism in Medicine" followed by "APMC Declaration of Medical Professionalism" (by the CIM Dean, Dr. Thelma Fernandez) and the closing ceremonies and lunch.

(Contributing Author: Dr. Henry Yu)


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