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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MP2: Newest Liempo and Lechon Manok in Town

Friends, especially those working in IT Park or living in Lahug! The newest liempo and lechon manok can be delivered right on your doorstep or office in Lahug or in selected areas in Cebu City.

It is Miss Pigue and Mr. Pecho (shortened to MP2) Roasts in Salinas Drive which just pilot its delivery service. Jut call telephone number 512-7547 or cellphone number 09324791314. Delivery hours is from 11AM to 10 PM.

P50-chicken meal is available for delivery in the IT Park area. In this case, delivery is free for a minimum of P200 order.

For other orders:

  • If the order is below P400, they can do delivery for P30 flat rate.
  • For orders larger than 2 chicken or 2 liempo, it is recommended to call at least 2 hours ahead to ensure the food is hot and freshly-cooked.
  • For smaller orders, delivery time is said to be 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on location.
I was able to try the liempo and the chicken and the pictures are fund below:
The food is wrapped in foil and placed in styropor pacts with the sauces of your choice
The sauce together with their brochure
The yummy lechon manok

The garlic butter sauce which blends well with the lechon manok's taste

Chicken Jumbo cost P160 but it comes with a sauce unlike other lechon manok
The liempo is very meaty, not fatty and has the right spice (Eat moderately!)

It is well cooked, goes well with the sauce

The sauce tastes like an improved Lechon sauce, perfect for their Liempo
If you want a different type of liempo and lechon manok, I recommend you to try MP2. Thumbs up.
(Just don't eat them everyday if you want to maintain a normal cholesterol level, OK?)

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