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Friday, July 29, 2011

The hospital: not a place for planking

Planking as demonstrated above by the picture showing Snoopy is fast becoming a craze in the Philippines. I will not be surprised to see more photos online (in social media sites) of students in the field of health professions planking.

Planking, as described in Wikipedia, has these elements:

  • participant is lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location 
  • participant's hands touching the sides of the body
  • having a picture taken in planking position
  • having planking picture posted on the internet
From the description, it can be observed that the person must be in the planking position in an unusual or incongruous location. These 2 words (unusual, incongruous) are what concerns me because medical students, nursing students, medical technology interns and even doctors may find areas in the hospital including the hospital laboratory as tempting, being areas that fit the criteria for planking locations. Imagine if these people would plank inside the operating room, in between analyzer machines, etc. Imagine if present and potential employers as well as patients see these planking in the hospital photos.

For those thinking about planking in the hospital, read this: In 2009, several doctors and nurses in a hospital in England were reported to be suspended because of playing the lying down game (planking) while on duty in various areas of the hospital.

It is just inappropriate to plank in the hospital duty time or not. One might find a planking-in-the-hospital photo an amusing sight for his or her online friends but it is not actually a pleasant photo to see online by many others. For me, it is an unprofessional act to do anywhere in the hospital, much more if done while on duty even if one is not busy. It does not look good.

Same goes with owling, a variation of planking. Owling is almost similar to planking except for the position. In owling, the person squats like an owl in unusual or incongruous locations also.

Like the responsible use of social media, there should also be responsible and safe planking. For after all, planking is closely related to social media as planking photos are posted on social media sites.

So health professionals and students of related health professions, do not jump right away in the planking bandwagon. Think before you plank.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MP2: Newest Liempo and Lechon Manok in Town

Friends, especially those working in IT Park or living in Lahug! The newest liempo and lechon manok can be delivered right on your doorstep or office in Lahug or in selected areas in Cebu City.

It is Miss Pigue and Mr. Pecho (shortened to MP2) Roasts in Salinas Drive which just pilot its delivery service. Jut call telephone number 512-7547 or cellphone number 09324791314. Delivery hours is from 11AM to 10 PM.

P50-chicken meal is available for delivery in the IT Park area. In this case, delivery is free for a minimum of P200 order.

For other orders:

  • If the order is below P400, they can do delivery for P30 flat rate.
  • For orders larger than 2 chicken or 2 liempo, it is recommended to call at least 2 hours ahead to ensure the food is hot and freshly-cooked.
  • For smaller orders, delivery time is said to be 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on location.
I was able to try the liempo and the chicken and the pictures are fund below:
The food is wrapped in foil and placed in styropor pacts with the sauces of your choice
The sauce together with their brochure
The yummy lechon manok

The garlic butter sauce which blends well with the lechon manok's taste

Chicken Jumbo cost P160 but it comes with a sauce unlike other lechon manok
The liempo is very meaty, not fatty and has the right spice (Eat moderately!)

It is well cooked, goes well with the sauce

The sauce tastes like an improved Lechon sauce, perfect for their Liempo
If you want a different type of liempo and lechon manok, I recommend you to try MP2. Thumbs up.
(Just don't eat them everyday if you want to maintain a normal cholesterol level, OK?)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Irresponsible use of social media, a serious concern for aspiring health professionals

The Philippines is the Social Networking Capital of the World. Filipinos use about any social media tool available: Facebook, Googleplus, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

According to stats as of July 18, 2011, in Facebook alone, there are about 25.5 million Filipinos, with most of the users coming from the ages 18-24 (38% of Facebook users in the Philippines). This age range is, in our country, the age of students who are in the middle of their college years or, if they are pursuing Medicine, the early years of medical student life.

Based on what I see from Facebook, I see a lot of my students with Facebook accounts, including students of medical technology, nursing and medical school, among other health sciences. A lot of them are expected to pursue eventually, a career in medicine.

From the Facebook walls, one can easily see every time a student makes a harsh comment to a teacher or a tactless remark, complains of being bored while on duty, make funny poses with props while on training or duty hours, takes a picture of a classmate sleeping during a lecture or also while on duty, and posts embarrassing pictures of oneself or a friend. Perhaps because of a student's being too excited about sharing his or her experience in a ward, he or she takes pictures of his or her group with a patient or groups of patients for documentation not thinking of the possible consequences of his/her actions.

These are just some of the examples how students and even young doctors may be using social media irresponsibly. The bad news is these individuals may not be even aware that what they are doing is inappropriate. They might not realize the possible effects or damage it could bring to their own and other's future careers.

Borrowing what Dr. Neil Baum wrote in KevinMD, the most precious possession of a physician is his or her reputation. And this reputation can be smashed in just a nanosecond with irresponsible use of social media.

The American Medical Association and the British Medical Association have released guidelines pertaining to professionalism in the use of social media. It is ironic that the Philippines appears to have none yet despite it being the Social Networking capital of the World.

I think medical as well as schools offering pre-medical health-related courses should start to pay attention to this issue and promote awareness to responsible use of social media in line with professionalism since the medical profession is one profession that puts high value to reputation. Hospital employers here and most especially abroad can easily check online to know more of a potential candidate through his social media profile and the wrong post or photo can potentially ruin one's future or present career.Making students aware of problems that may arise from indiscriminate posting in Facebook and other online or social media platforms might even help save their own careers.

Responsible social media usage is CebuMD's advocacy. A convention of a certain specialty or a certain professional association (like Philippine Nurses' Association, PAMET), various medical societies and specialties as well as the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges including its Student Network is a good venue to talk about social media concerns under online professionalism. Online professionalism is a relevant, timely and definitely interesting topic to explore.

Being a physician-educator, blogger, and social media practitioner, CebuMD is willing to accommodate requests for a talk on this topic here in the Philippines.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feel like royalty in Choi City Seafood Restaurant, BTC Cebu City

I got the chance to dine in Choi City Seafood Restaurant at the South Arcade, Banilad Town Centre (BTC), Banilad, Cebu City during lunch last Saturday. The timing was just perfect as I came from a class which left me really hungry.

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