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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Save our Coral Reefs and Seas

Save the Philippine Seas!

More and more dolphins, whales, fishes surfacing in our seas to die. The signs are there.

Our coral reefs the size of cities removed from their natural habitat and sold illegally.

Soon there will be nothing to fish. Goodbye "tinuwang isda", goodbye fresh "sinugbang isda".

The very seas we frequent during summer proudly being shown to our Facebook walls, in danger of becoming lifeless.

Without our aquatic resources, we also lose a good source of medicine.

We must save our seas now. Let your voices be heard, your tweets be seen. Express your concern for our seas and coral reefs on Facebook.

Use the Twitter hashtag #reefwatchPH and/or #savePHseas and make the message known especially this June 8. 

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