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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee Dream now in Benedicto College A.S. Fortuna

One of the favorite hangout of a lot of doctors and medical students are coffee shops. For the part of the students, they make these coffee shops a study area. For doctors, as so are many Filipinos who are always on the go, they frequent coffee shops to take breakfast, read the news, relax, catching up with friends, discuss  business and other important matters or just simply chill.

Filipinos not just doctors are generally coffee lovers. Practically everyone likes to take a cup of coffee as they wake up.

And so it may come as good news for those residing in the A.S. Fortuna area, that Mr. Glenn Soco (yes, Glenn Soco, the once vice gubernatorial bet and Coffee Dream Inc. President) and associates has decided to open a coffee shop branch in Benedicto College, A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City.

This coffee shop is not your typical coffee shop as the atmosphere is cozy and homy, perfect for both students and busy people. The interiors have Kenneth Cobonpue's mark and is cool and pleasing to the senses as the shop was designed by his former students. It is very spacious with very comfortable sofa set and free wifi. And they do not mind if you stay long for your coffee.

Having been to other Coffee Dream shops, I can say it is currently one of the most relaxing Coffee Dream branches in Cebu.

The coffee as Mr. Soco revealed is made from homegrown coffee beans and prepared as a medium dark roast. Freshness is guaranteed. Coffee Dream takes pride in its coffee line both hot and cold blends and even the breakfast line which is supervised by a chef.

There is also something in store for those avoiding caffeine as there is the "Harmless" coffee as well as Orange Juice, not to mention the mouth-watering cakes.

When you want to relax and just enjoy the aroma of your coffee in the company of your friends or your laptop in the vicinity of A.S. Fortuna, then you may want to give Coffee Dream in Benedicto College Mandaue City a try.

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