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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why I'll not stop blogging even when there's FB and Twitter

"Why continue to blog when there's FB and Twitter?" I was asked this question by my physician colleagues who are not really into blogging and my immediate reply was, "Why not"?

Twitter and Facebook are cool. In fact, I both have them but there's a whole lot of things you can do with your blogs.

Having Twitter and Facebook is like having the latest car models but what is owning the latest high-end car without a house of your own? My blog is my house online. I can do whatever I want with it and put my personality with it. I can choose the layout that I want. I can put the widgets of my choice. I can even monetize my blog.

(Enough of the house comparison.)

Yes, I appreciate having Facebook and Twitter but I will not stop blogging or writing in my blogs.

With blogging, I can express more, elaborate on things and explain. It helps especially if I want to impart quality content and information, share experiences or make reviews which cannot be adequately done using Twitter.  I use Twitter and Facebook though to share a teaser of sorts with a link in both sites toward my blog posts.

I can actually write Notes through Facebook which could have the same textual content as a blog post but in reality, a Note in Facebook could never replace a post placed in a blog. It is not just the same as a blog post and it doesn't provide the same appeal as when it is placed in a blog. It lacks a personal touch, a personal feel.

But I am not saying I'll not use Facebook or Twitter either. I even prefer integrating both in my blogs. I made the initial steps by putting a share button to social media bookmarking sites and link to my Twitter. I also placed a Facebook like box or social plugin. I plan to integrate Facebook comments and Twitter live feed.

So you see, Facebook, Twitter and blogging can exist together with one complementing the other. I will still continue to blog despite the emergence of Facebook and Twitter.

There aren't a lot of professionals including doctors who appreciate blogging yet. Not a lot see the benefits blogging can bring even in medicine or medical education. Let Cebu MD talk you into going into blogging.

If you are in Cebu, you can ask Cebu MD or the Cebu Bloggers' Society to discuss or speak to your group about blogging as a topic in talks or conventions. Send me a message in Facebook or Tweet me.

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