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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrating Being a Blogger

Last May 2, 2011, Cebu-based bloggers lead by the Cebu Bloggers' Society celebrated World Bloggers' Day offline at the RAFI Auditorium in partnership with Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated,, RLCOMM International and Bo's Coffee.
The sponsors
The participants

Mr. Wilson Ng advising us to be like Lady Gaga
Mr. Sam Jacoba of Yahoo Philippines bringing good news

Mr. Marlon de Guzman of on Blog Security
The event was highlighted by interesting topics on Libel, Building a Brand and Securing Blogs plus a short talk by Yahoo Philippines and Induction of the new set of Cebu Bloggers Society Incorporated (CBSi) officers with its new President, Kevin Ray Chua.

I was the only physician in the venue being the only physician-member of CBSi and it occurred to me that in a way, I am privileged.

I am privileged because unlike other doctors, I have at my disposal another powerful tool to help other people. A tool that can reach out to a larger number of people and that tool is in the form of blogs.

Being a blogger gives me an opportunity to practice another aspect of the medical profession which is being an educator, a teacher. With blogs, I can share things I learned on public health, microbiology, health professions education as well as experiences. I can also share news or events.

At times, some doctors seem to be detached with what happens in the world outside the hospital or the medical field. Being a blogger keeps me aware of what's happening. It keeps me connected with society. It keeps me connected with both the youth and the "veterans" of this world.

Being a blogger opens my world to other opportunities outside medicine like contributing stories or articles to Yahoo Philippines (hopefully). I was very fortunate to attend some sort of orientation and training by Yahoo Philippines for prospective contributors this week together with other bloggers and I am looking forward to writing for them.

With fellow bloggers of the Cebu Bloggers' Society

Having a picture taken wile Mr. Erwin Oliva is preparing his slides

1st slide presented in the Orientation with Yahoo Philippines

Being a blogger is really worth celebrating. It brought me more friends and more blessings.

I'm certainly glad to be a blogger. How about you? Are you glad to be a blogger? Feel free to express your thoughts on the comments section.

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