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Monday, April 18, 2011

Weddings with TLC

I was able to confirm recently that indeed weddings in TLC or Talamban Leisure Complex are weddings with TLC or Tender Loving Care. That is because the owners - Drs. Dennis and Helen Tudtud make sure of that.

It was the golden wedding anniversary of Vicente and Loreta Momongan. It was heart-warming to see this couple reaching this milestone celebrated with family and friends. The grandchildren acted as host and they made an audiovisual presentation for their folks. The venue has both a mounted LCD and a mounted white screen.

Everything was golden that day in TLC. The mood was just right with a live band playing love songs and songs from the past. The lighting was appropriate and the hall was not warm and not too cold for the senior citizen guests which may already be complaining of arthritis.

Best of all, there was good food with the personal touch of the entire Tudtud family who are fond of preparing and cooking good food. For the appetizer, there is this innovative beef wrapped around lemongrass, the first time I have seen such food teaser.

The turkey was magnificent with the right mix of herbs and spices and other ingredients. I wonder if I could ask a recipe. Yummy! It was simply the bestseller!
Then there's the lechon slowly-cooked to perfection which only TLC can which Dr. Tudtud's son takes pride on. Believe me, the photo below barely gives justice to the gastronomic wonder of this lechon.
Clients need not look elsewhere to order lechon for their wedding. TLC has people to cut the lechon for you to ensure everyone gets the chance to enjoy it.

The dessert is also a personal favorite, buko lychee or buko mango sago. Guests often go back at the buffet table for more.
I can't also take my eyes off the wedding cake that day. It was made by a friend of the owners. Notice how intricate the design of the cake is and I could imagine how talented the designer is.

The cake is made by Piece O' Cake by Cayndzz. I was not able to taste it but those who did told me it was really delicious. I interviewed Cayndzz Tan, the creative hand behind this cake and she said a lot of doctors have already ordered from her cakes for various occasions like birthdays and weddings. You can order by contacting 09163171778.

I am sure the celebrants and their family was very satisfied to have their wedding at TLC as can be seen from their faces in their picture together with the Tudtud Family.
TLC is located along the road in Talamban. Travelling from Cebu City proper, it is located already beyond USC and Eskina Cabancalan but you won't go beyond the Talamban gym. It is on the right side of the road beside a chapel and almost across a laundry shop. It has a signboard that says TLC.

Aside from the indoor hall enough for perhaps 150 guests as I have shown in these pictures, TLC also has an outdoor open air venue for celebrations.

For inquiries and reservations, contact Ms. Therese Noynay at telephone numbers 3462790 or 3161974.

For the TLC lechon, the contact numbers are 4067005.

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  1. thanks doc for the feature! i am truly grateful for this exposure... to God be the glory! more power to you and your blog :) God bless you... ~candy (Piece O' Cake by Cayndzz)

  2. My pleasure. Your cake really deserves exposure. Thanks.

  3. great review here Doc!!! :D

    am thinking of contacting the above info (mobile number) to design a cake for me..looking so yummy kaau..murag mahadlok lihukon ang cake.. :D hehehehe!

    Fishy Talks
    Im..but GAGAY.
    Pinoy MD
    The Latest Buzzzz

  4. I know that a lot of doctors have their cakes made by Cayndzz because if I remember it correctly, although she herself is not a doctor, she is an allied health professional and Cayndzz receives nice feedbacks from her physician clients. One advice though.... when you do order from her, save some slices of cake for me. Hehehe.



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