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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's is MHPEd?

Some of Cebu MD's students here in Cebu asked what MHPEd means (when they see it at the end of his name beside the MD).

MHPEd stands for Masters in Health Professions Education. This degree was made to "improve the quality of teaching in the health professions by increasing the educational competence of the teachers."(NTTC HP)

There are graduates of MHPEd degree who are Board Examiners, deans or chancellors. Some of them finished their degree abroad and some finished here (for example in the University of the Philippines-Manila National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions which is located in Padre Faura, Malate, Manila).

A few in Cebu have this degree and Cebu MD is one of them. 

MHPEd graduates like Cebu MD are willing to share what they have learned to medical teachers who do not necessarily have formal training in teaching. Sadly, many medical schools and physicians do not know that MHPEd graduates exists. Many don't even know what MHPEd means.

Consider MHPEd students as medical professionals formally studying the education of fellow health professionals. They are like those taking up teaching or education degree but with a medical background. 

To illustrate what studying MHPEd entails,  MHPEd graduates from UP for example, went through 33 units of course work and thesis. Subjects include Clinical teaching and evaluation of clinical competence, Practicum, Organization and Management, Media in Teaching, Psycho-philosophical Foundations of HPEd, Curriculum and Instructional Design as well as Evaluation in HPEd (among others) providing tools for students to later become model teachers and even deans. It usually takes more than 2 years to finish MHPEd. Not as easy as you think eh?

Since MHPEd is not offered here in Cebu and perhaps also not offered in the Visayas yet, Cebu MD is offering his hand to help train future medical teachers in medical colleges, medtech and nursing schools and other allied health science schools as resource speaker. He is willing to conduct training workshops or seminars to teachers in the health profession. Cebu MD is also offering to help train the trainors, the residents who supervise fellow residents and junior/senior clerks.

To contact Cebu MD, kindly press the link Contact Cebu MD and kindly fill up the form. Cebu MD will be happy to help. 

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