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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to Cebu MD, a resource for five-star physicians

When I was in my first year as a medical teacher, I learned about what a five-star physician is. A five-star physician is:
  • a healthcare provider
  • a researcher
  • an educator
  • a social mobilizer
  • a manager
Back in medical school, doctors went through extensive training as a healthcare provider especially during internship and after internship as a resident physician. But being a physician goes beyond holding a stethoscope, doing a physical exam, making a diagnosis and writing prescriptions. He does not wear only a healthcare provider hat.
An ideal physician should also be a researcher not only during the early medschool years but even after getting his license as a doctor. He should continue to nurture the research mindset, the practice of evidence-based medicine and the never-ending search for answers while at the same time abide by ethical principles.

In this site, Cebu MD will share some things he knows about research. He will also share updates in the medical field. He will at times write on public health concerns and microbiology topics so that even the non-physicians can also find some useful information here.    

Being an educator is an unavoidable aspect of being a doctor. Doctors teach future doctors. Doctors are considered educators to their patients when they give health education. Being not formally trained for teaching, doctors may find it useful to learn about stuff on teaching like principles, theories, how-tos and other related topics.
    Since doctors belong to a society, doctors should be aware about what happens in society and should be agents of change if necessary. Since they enjoy respect, they should at times become prime movers of advocacies that will benefit society. Blogs are a good way to obtain support and action for good causes. This site can be used to cover important events, promote advocacies and announce future events worth supporting.

    And since doctors at some time will be dealing with relatives, groups of people, organizations, etc., they should also develop their managerial skills which may not yet be well developed while in medical school.It is the hope that Cebu MD can provide some articles that will help in this endeavor.

    This is the goal of Cebu MD: to help, in his own little way, develop five-star physicians even beyond medical school. Cebu MD in this site, will be writing about topics that will help a physician develop these qualities plus much much more.

    All work and no play, makes Johnny a dull boy. So that in this site, Cebu MD has also something in store for non-physicians.

    He may also write reviews on products tried, food tasted and places traveled aside from occasionally featuring events worth noting. For after all, doctors are also people with a life outside the clinic and hospital.

    As you read the posts here, you can also visit my earlier blogs found on the right side of this page. They already contain some posts related to what I have mentioned here.

    Once again welcome to my new online home.

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