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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quality Patient Care: A Challenge Among Nursing and Medical Graduates

It is graduation season. This week and the ensuing weeks, many graduation celebrations will be held by different schools including medical and nursing schools. A lot of them are happy because graduation is a step closer to their dreams. But with some discussions and accounts on recent healthcare graduates not performing well in their jobs, it may also be time for graduates to reflect on why they chose this profession in the first place and also to reflect on their college life.

For the nursing and medical graduate:

  • Do I look at my profession as a stepping stone for a more lucrative job abroad?
  • Do I consider the patients and patient care as my top priority?
  • Am I ready to fulfill my duties as a nurse or doctor in case after the boards I will be able to get a job right away? Did I take advantage of the learning opportunities that were presented to me in school like the opportunity to develop my skills in the performance of procedures or assisting in procedures? or did I avoid them (because for example I am afraid to commit mistakes, get dirty and I hate offensive odors)? 
  • Did I observe honesty and truthfulness in anything that I do? (like in recording things done)
Dear graduates. I hope when you do get to practice your profession, please put above all else quality patient care whatever the state of the patient is (Even if it is a "Do Not Resuscitate" patient). 

Just put yourself in your patient's shoes.

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