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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming this January 2012: Velez Medtech Grand Reunion Cebu Event

Thanks to alumni headed by Mr. Deogracias Delfin, plans are underway for the Global Velez College Medical Technology Grand Reunion Philippine Edition to push through this January 2012 in Cebu. It will be held most likely around the Sinulog festivities so that balikbayans during that time will hit two birds in one stone so to speak. The date and venue will soon be announced.

The event is open to all Velez BS MT graduates of all batches regardless of current location and profession whether a practicing medical technologist or not. Instructors and staff of the Cebu Velez General (CVGH) laboratory as well as the College of Medical Technology are of course invited.

This is our chance to get together in person (not just in Facebook) with our classmates and schoolmates from way back when. Personally, I also want to re-connect with our non-physician classmates from before and catch up.

Please start spreading the word. Go to this Facebook VC MT reunion Cebu event, click attend and/or share. Stay tune in the future here in Cebu MD for more details.

See you soon in Cebu!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quality Patient Care: A Challenge Among Nursing and Medical Graduates

It is graduation season. This week and the ensuing weeks, many graduation celebrations will be held by different schools including medical and nursing schools. A lot of them are happy because graduation is a step closer to their dreams. But with some discussions and accounts on recent healthcare graduates not performing well in their jobs, it may also be time for graduates to reflect on why they chose this profession in the first place and also to reflect on their college life.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hepatitis B Discrimination? Not Anymore

Scenario: A job applicant who is asymptomatic had laboratory testing by virtue of an employment requirement  and found out for the first time that he is HBsAg-positive. Without appropriate medical evaluation and counseling, because of the positive result, he was declared unfit to work. Poor applicant! He is otherwise healthy but because of being HBs Ag(+), his dreams came down crashing.

These days, the above applicant in the Philippines need not fear.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

PCP Central Visayas Postgraduate Course in Cebu on March 2011

The Philippine College of Physicians Central Visayas Chapter will hold a Postgraduate Course at the Casino Espanol Cebu on March 24, 2011 with the theme "All in a Day's Word!!!"

The topics are interesting and timely.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What type of medical school teacher are you?

Since many doctors are going into teaching for various reasons and many doctors have been teaching for years already, a nice question for reflection at this point would be, "What kind or class of teacher am I?"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's is MHPEd?

Some of Cebu MD's students here in Cebu asked what MHPEd means (when they see it at the end of his name beside the MD).

MHPEd stands for Masters in Health Professions Education. This degree was made to "improve the quality of teaching in the health professions by increasing the educational competence of the teachers."(NTTC HP)

Welcome to Cebu MD, a resource for five-star physicians

When I was in my first year as a medical teacher, I learned about what a five-star physician is. A five-star physician is:
  • a healthcare provider
  • a researcher
  • an educator
  • a social mobilizer
  • a manager
Back in medical school, doctors went through extensive training as a healthcare provider especially during internship and after internship as a resident physician. But being a physician goes beyond holding a stethoscope, doing a physical exam, making a diagnosis and writing prescriptions. He does not wear only a healthcare provider hat.

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